Cerne Abbey Relics Questionnaire

Tell us about your Cerne Abbey Finds

The CHS launches an important quest to locate and log each Abbey find which will enable us to dovetail into some important forthcoming archaeological survey work and enable us to Find the Lost Cerne Abbey.

Many buildings in Cerne have stone blocks, carvings or mouldings suspected as having been retrieved from the ruins of Cerne Abbey after the dissolution.  Many may be unaware that they may have archaeological treasures in their gardens.  Help us to locate and log these items.

What do we expect to find?

  • Window moulding fragments
  • Window mullion pieces
  • Window sill pieces
  • Hamstone Lintels
  • Limestone blocks reused in buildings
  • Ornamentation used over doorways or arches
  • Carvings used internally
  • Gargoyle fragments
  • Pieces of pillars, pediments or columns
  • Corbels
  • Fragments of Effigies etc.