1919 Village Sale Centenary Celebrations

As the Working Party develops our plans for the 2019 Centenary celebrations, we will update this page.

If anybody is interested to become involved in any of the following projects, or wishes to research any other topic relevant to the 1919 Pitt-Rivers sale, to get in touch through this website.


Will look for photos of what Cerne looked like in 1919 from sources such as the Museum and comparing then with now. Could result in a display or booklet.  A montage can be uploaded to the website.

John Chkr, George and Den

Who were the people who bought the properties which were auctioned? 3-4 people bought most of them. 1901 and 1911 census information helpful here. Residents who currently live in properties which appeared in the sale could be asked what documents they hold relating to the sale.


Interested to look further into the history of Abbey Street.  George will send information on the Nicholas Keeble research.

Den, Gordon, Freda, Robin M. & Andrew
To research the comparison of life in Cerne in 1919 with life today. A focus on social history will give the human story side of life in Cerne, such as the impact of the flu pandemic after WW1.
Sources of information would include local newspapers (on which Den will concentrate), the memories of villagers and of their parents’ stories through the medium of filmed interviews.  It would also include much else such as the Katherine Granville diaries (village school mistress just after WW1),  which Historical Society holds, and the diaries of artist Joseph Benwell Clark who lived on Abbey Street.

John Chmn

The river Cerne and it influence on the village.

Alison and Diana

The Pitt-Rivers family. Sam Willis from the Dorset History Centre is making contact with the Pitt-Rivers family. Mike to follow this up to see if progress is being made. Adrian Green curator of Salisbury Museum has offered to give us a talk on Augustus Pitt-Rivers (museum has an exhibit of his life). Adrian also has contacts with the Pitt-Rivers family.