Society’s Archives

Many of the Society’s Archives are held in the Dorset History Centre, Dorchester, under climate controlled conditions.

These include books and articles, documents, films, videos and recordings. More detailed information may be obtained by using the Contact Us page.


  1. ‘Cerne Abbas’ by AO Gibbons 1962 (2 copies)
  2. ‘Cerne Abbas’ by Mary D. Jones 1952 (2 copies)
  3. ‘In the Open Air’ by J Eaton Feasey, identified as Cerne Abbas School 1910. A series of out-door lessons in arithmetic, etc. for primary and secondary schools.
  4. Two exercise books belonging to Viola Trim dated 1918. Books supplied by DCC Education Committee, one used for arithmetic, the other English.
  5. ‘The Houses of Yetminster’ by R Machin 1978.
  6. Notebook containing Services and notes by Incumbents of St Mary’s Church, Cerne Abbas, starting in October 1958 with CV Taylor and ending at beginning of 1969 with Hugh Mumford. Covers period of church restoration and includes events at Godmanstone and Minterne.
  7. ‘Reflections of RAF Warmwell’, by local enthusiasts
  8. ‘Cerne of Dorset’, by WE Lake (2 copies)
  9. Millennium Book of Cerne Abbas
  10. Millennium Book of Godmanstone
  11. Millennium Book of Sydling St Nicholas
  12. Cerne Abbas & Villages by Leslie W Coffin (1987)
  13. ‘Photographs of Some Activities of Cerne Abbas School’- covering a period in the 1930s
  14. Two copies of ‘Concerning Cerne’ by Eleanor Frances Hall and JB Clark
  15. Milton Abbey: A Dorset Monastery in the Middle Ages by JP Traskey
  16. Dorset by John Hutchins (Volume IV) 1873 Edition republished 1973
  17. The Parish Book of Cerne ‘Abbey & After’ (2000) by Vivian and Patricia Vale (no copies held). (There are plenty of copies in private hands)
  18. Systematic Procedure for recording English Vernacular Buildings
  19. The Book of Cerne by Michelle P. Brown (1996)
  20. Annual Report of Portable Antiques Scheme with description of Cloth Seals found in Cerne Abbas by Robert Lovett
  21. St Mary’s Church brochure: ‘The Building and its Meaning’.
  22. Companion into Dorset by Dorothy Gardiner (1939)
  23. Notes on the History of Cerne Abbas by T Wainwright (1911)
  24. Dorset Clocks and Clockmakers (1981)
  25. The Bells and Belfries of Dorset Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 (2000)
  26. Cerne Giant: An Antiquity on Trial – the 1996 enquiry
  27. A Landscape Revealed: 10,000 years on a Chalkland Farm (2000)
  28. Highways and Byways of Dorset (1906) by Sir Frederick Treeves
  29. Poole Pottery (1995) by Leslie Hayward.
  30. The King’s England ‘Dorset’ by Arthur Mee.
  31. Domesday Book. A Complete Translation (Penguin Book) 2003
  32. ‘Do Not Lie!’ by Eustace H Pearson (1991). A family history of the Notleys of Somerset and Dorset, including links with the USA.
  33. Book of ‘The Morris and Sword Dancers of England’ (1978)
  34. ‘The Village Guide Around Cerne Abbas’ by the children at Cerne Abbas School in 1987.
  35. ‘Hodge And His Masters’ by Richard Jefferies (1949)
  36. ‘A Book of Drawings’ by Elizabeth Bairstow, a local artist.
  37. ‘A Shepherd from Dorsetshire’, by George Homer. This is a family history of Homer family which emigrated to Australia in 1839.
  38. ‘Village Buildings of Britain’ by Matthew Rice. Cerne Abbas gets a mention.
  39. ‘The Manor Houses of Dorset’ by Una Russell and Audrey Grindrod. There are a number of references to Cerne Abbey.
  40. ‘This Was England’ by Alan Bott. (Donated by John Astle)
  41. Royal Commission on Monuments (West Dorset) dated 1952 (2 copies)
  42. Dorset Country Pottery (Kilns of the Verwood district) by Jo Draper with Penny Copland-Griffiths dated 2002
  43. ‘Ciderland’ by James Crowdon dated 2008
  44. ‘Great Trees of Dorset’ by Andrew Pollard and Emma Brawn dated 2009
  45. ‘‘Fire from Heaven’ by David Underdown dated 1992, a history of Dorchester in the 17th
  46. ‘Divorced, Beheaded, Died…’ a history of Britain’s Kings and Queens by Kevin Flude dated 2009
  47. Proceedings of the Dorset Natural History & Antiquarians Field Club Volumes X (1889) and XX11 (1890)
  48. Proceedings of the Somersetshire Archaeological & Natural Society for 1896 which includes references to Cerne Abbas
  49. Newman and Pevsner’s ‘The Buildings of Dorset’ dated 1972.
  50. ‘The Monasteries of Dorset’ by Alan Miller dated 1999.
  51. Copy of Cerne Abbas Home Guard and ARP Notebook with photographs of members
  52. Dorset Folk Tales by Tim Laycock (2012)
  53. Lyme Regis Past by John Lello (1999)
  54. Dorset Place Names by Anthony Poulton- Smith (2010)
  55. ‘Lest We Forget’: a booklet by the CHS following a talk on 23 October 2014 about the lives and deaths of the men on the war memorials for the Great War at Cerne Abbas and UpCerne. (Copies held by Treasurer)
  56. Sherborne Abbey booklet
  57. Women of Dorset by Diana Trenchard (1994)
  58. The History Quiz Book Part 1 by Judy Lloyd (1995)
  59. Haunted Dorset by Chris Ellis & Andy Owens (2004)
  60. The Cerne Giant by Peter Knight (2013)
  61. Muchelney Abbey booklet
  62. English Village by John Burke (1975)
  63. Dorsetshire Folklore by John Symonds Udal (1922, Second Edition 1970)
  64. A Dorset Utopia by Judith Stinton (2005)
  65. ‘Before Endeavours Fade’ by Rose Coombs (1976). A Guide to the Battlefields of The First World War in France and Belgium.
  66. Memories of Wessex by Raymond Forcey (1992) who lived in Bushes Barn, Godmanstone, pre WW1.
  67. Joseph Clark. ‘A Popular Victorian Artist and his World’ by Eric Galvin (2016).
  68. Copy of Gentleman’s Magazine dated July 1764.
  69. The Marn’ll Book 1952.
  70. Booklet ‘Reading Tudor and Stuart Handwriting’.
  71. Booklet ‘Traditional Corn Milling Watermills’.
  72. A Photographic Record of the 6 Months of Lockdown from March 2010 in and around Cerne Abbas by Jane Tearle.
  73. Villains, Victims and Tragedies. Stories from the Dorset Assizes, by Brian Bates, 2021.


1. BBC programme ‘Away in a Village’ 22 December 1974, CD and video
2. Video of Channel 5 programme: ‘Britain’s Finest Ancient Monuments’, featuring the Giant
3. Close Up West –‘The Giant’. A video of the 1996 debate into its provenance
4. A DVD including an animation of the Cerne Giant 1996 and ‘Stranger than Fiction’ for West Country Television 1999
5. DVD of ‘A Tale of Cerne’, broadcast by TVS January 1988, of a pageant put on to celebrate the Abbey Millennium of 1987
6. DVD of ‘A year in Dorset with Steps in Time’ (2008)
7. CD of ‘A Day in Cerne’ by Toby Williams-Ellis (2008)
8. DVD ‘Dorset at War’
9. BBC Countryfile September 2008 on occasion of re-whiting the Giant
10. CD of ‘Echoes of Combat’, concert put on to raise funds for Combat Stress 2008
11. Giant Talk put on by CHS and National Trust March 2011
12. DVD of ‘My Dorset’ by David Allen dated 2009
13. CHS visit to Wolfeton House July 2010, photographs by Jane Tearle
14. CD of Photographs of 090909


1. Dave Fox’s memories of Cerne Abbas on DVD Session 1
2. Dave Fox’s memories of Cerne Abbas on DVD Session 2
3. Cerne Group of old men memories on CD
4. Mrs Elliot memories on CD
5. Memories of Cerne Abbas 1984 to the 21st Century by Claire Baker
6. Memories of Cerne Abbas January to September 2010 Claire Baker
7. Biographical notes about Margaret Bown 1916 to 2009
8. Lord Digby’s Memories in interview with Kate Adie 2012 on CD
9. Cerne Abbas Tithe Barn, a short written history on CD
10. Mick Collin’s memories of Cerne Abbas on DVD
11. Tommy Dunn’s memories of Cerne Abbas on DVD


  1. CHS visit to Wolfeton House July 2010, photographs by Jane Tearle
  2. CD of Photographs of 090909
  3. Cerne Abbas Photo Archive Book A and Book B
  4. Cornick Family of Cerne -55 Photographs
  5. Clark Family of Cerne: Probate records of Wm Clark
  6. Clark Family of Cerne: Probate records of Emily Coombs
  7. Clark Family of Cerne: Probate records of James Coomb



  1. Copy of part of 1768 survey map of the Manor of Cerne Abbas by B.Pryce
  2. Enlargement of 1768 survey map by B. Pryce, showing only the village of Cerne Abbas
  3. Copies of 1798 survey map of ‘The Manor of Cerne Abbas’, based on 1768 survey by B. Pryce.
  4. Enlargement of 1798 survey map by B. Pryce, showing only the village of Cerne Abbas
  5. Copies of 1826 OS maps of Dorset
  6. Copy of 1824 map of Cerne Turnpike
  7. Copy of Plan of the Abbey Estate for sale at auction in 1937
  8. Copies of street maps used for Town Trails c.1990
  9. Copies of three maps, origins and dates unknown, but post 1840 (because they show the workhouse).
  10. Facsimile of 1897 map of South West Area of England and Wales
  11. Facsimile of 1897 map of Central South Area of England and Wales
  12. Copy of 1842 map of Cerne Abbas, including drawing of west end of church
  13. Cerne Abbas Development 1940 to 2010
  14. 1845 Cerne Tithe Map on DVD
  15. 1845 Cerne Tithe Map with Apportionments on DVD


  1. Spare map of 1994 survey of Burial Ground
  2. Street map of village showing where some tradesman lived and worked from
  3. OS map of Cerne Sheet ST 60 SE dated 1982
  4. Copy of OS for Yeovil & Blandford Popular Edition Sheet 130) One-Inch Map
  5. Copy of 1902 OS for Cerne Abbas, Second Edition, Sheet XXX1.1
  6. Copy of 1902 OS for Cerne Abbas, Second Edition, Sheet XXX1.2
  7. Copy of 1902 OS for Cerne Abbas, Second Edition, Sheet XXX1.5
  8. Copy of 1902 OS for Cerne Abbas, Second Edition, Sheet XXX1.6
  9. Copy of projected route of the Bath to Weymouth railway through the Cerne Valley.
  10. 1845 tithe map of Cerne Abbas.
  11. B&W Copy of Plan of Properties for Pitt-Rivers Sale of Cerne Abbas in 1919


Cerne Abbey

  1. Envelope marked ‘Life in Abbey Towns’. Collection of cuttings of the lives of traders and monks.
  2. Envelope marked ‘Aelfric in Cerne’. Contains ‘Aelfric’s First Series of Catholic Homilies’ (in original old English -no translation!), with some post cards showing Ethelwod’s Blessing Book. Also some other misc. associated material.
  3. Envelope marked ‘Draft copy of the Dissolution of the Abbey…at Cerne Abbas, by Robin Baker’.
  4. Envelope marked ‘Abbots of Cerne’
  5. Envelope marked ‘Arms on Gatehouse of Cerne Abbey’
  6. Cerne Abbey Charter
  7. Extract from history of ‘War of the Roses’ concerning stay by Queen Margaret of Anjou at Cerne Abbey in 1471 prior to the Battle of Tewksbury which signalled the end of the war.
  8. Calligraphy for board at St Augustine’s Well
  9. Patterns of the past-archaeology of Beauvoir
  10. Histories of dissolution and abbey for exhibition boards and signs
  11. Copies of prints of abbey buildings remaining
  12. Copy of Historical Survey River and Land between St Augustine’s Well and Village Pond
  13. Box of Pottery Tiles
  14. 2 photos of Beaver field
  15. Bulletin of the Cleveland Museum. Vol 66 No 3 March April 1979
  16. Cerne Abbas Resistivity Survey 2012
  17. Cerne Abbas Geophysical survey 2014

St Mary’s Church, Cerne Abbas

  1. Folder containing material concerning restoration of the Church in 1961.
  2. Misc photographs
  3. Article (unknown provenance) on St Mary the Virgin, Cerne Abbas
  4. Paper by Vivian Vale on Churchwardens’ accounts (3 copies)
  5. Description of Altar Tapestry Rail for 1987 Millennium
  6. Extract of Will of Henry Fowke dated 28 August 1502
  7. Heraldry in St Mary’s by George Squibb, sketches and notes
  8. Copies of notes about the St Mary’s
  9. Recent history of the bells and 1974 recasting

Cerne Abbas and its History

  1. Miscellaneous papers relating to Cerne history and events
  2. Miscellaneous papers relating to early Cerne
  3. ‘A Short History of Cerne Abbas’ by the WI (no date, but prior1950s)
  4. Story about Barton Lodge
  5. Copy of extract from Somersetshire Archaeological & Natural History Society visit to Cerne Abbas in 1896
  6. Newspaper cuttings
  7. Dissertation on ‘Social Change in the Countryside’ by Kathryn Paul (1989) and Cerne Abbas
  8. ‘Concerning Cerne’ – a village description by Eleanor Frances Hall 1926
  9. Postmasters of Cerne Abbas. List extracted from trade directories
  10. Memoir of living in Cerne Abbas in early 1960s – Anon
  11. Celebrations of various royal weddings and jubilees
  12. Tudor subsidies
  13. Churchwarden’s accounts 1628-1923
  14. Booklet of photos 1952 W.E.Lake


  1. School photographs of the building
  2. ‘Photographs of some Activities at Cerne Abbas School’, donated by David Strawbridge, son of the headmaster 1929 to 1941.
  3. Extract from Western Gazette for 1843 on opening of school Village guide by the school 1987

The Giant

  1. The Cerne Giant. Who made him and why. By J A Thwaite
  2. The Gentlemans Magazine, July 1764
  3. Miscellaneous newspaper cuttings and other material, mostly 1996 and 1938
  4. Commission of enquiry
  5. Drawings from Giant Hill of surrounding area
  6. ‘Giantry Galore’: a paper by Vivian Vale
  7. ‘Cernunnos’: an article from the Dorset Year Book.

Abbey Street

  1. Draft ‘1976 report on Abbey Street’ by Nicholas Keeble, Director of Architecture South Bank Polytechnic (3 copies) with letter from him explaining loss of final report
  2. Sales particulars for ‘Barnwells’ August 1983, plus historical note on house.  Sales particulars for The Old House (undated) and history of conveyances
  3. Cerne Abbey Farm, sale of Minterne Herd of Guernseys 4 Oct 1965.

Non- Conformism in Cerne Abbas (Misc)

  1. Wesleyan Methodism
  2. Congregational Church, including conveyance of new chapel 1888
  3. Photographs of CC and Manse

Petty Sessions and Quarter Sessions. Police in Cerne

  1. Extracts from Petty Sessions for Cerne Abbas ‘Curme’ family committed May 1836 to Nov 1864.  Newspaper accounts of cases heard in Cerne
  2. Three copies of Dorset Quarter Sessions Order Books extracts 1625 to 1637
  3. Cerne Abbas Police and the Station
  4. Dorset County Chronicle 27 June 1961 re Charlotte Churchill

Public Houses and Taverns in Cerne Abbas

  1. History of Title Deeds for Royal Oak 1771 to 1920
  2. Folder on New Inn- 1988 survey notes and other material concerning that public house
  3. Survey Drawings of New Inn
  4. Copy of ‘history of the ale-houses, inns and trades of Cerne’.
  5. Conveyance of Union Arms from Eldridge Pope to Henry Paulley 1930

Material Deposited with Dorset History Centre

  1. Material concerning Hodge Stone and Mellor’s Charity-deposited 1999
  2. Material relating to Workhouse
  3. CA RBL Minutes 1922 to 1990
  4. School Logs for CA (2) and Minterne (1) and Admission Register for CA
  5. School Log for CA 3 March 1952 to 26 March 1999
  6. School Managers’ Logs 7 August 1942 to 5 March 1975
  7. Buckland Newton RBL Minutes 1978 to 2006
  8. Church records Cerne Abbas etc

1919 Sale of Village

  1. History of Freke and Pitt-Rivers Families
  2. 1919 Sales brochures (x?) and Maps
  3. Sale of the Abbey Estate 1937
  4. Sale of Chescombe Farm House and Land 1963 (2)

Cerne Abbas Societies

  1. Histories of Theatre Club and Moviola
  2. History of Short Mat Bowls Club
  3. Brief history of Giant Club
  4. History of CASH
  5. Start of Old Village Hall
  6. Jean Congram and CADS
  7. Cerne & Frampton Folk Dancers

Trades and Professions in Cerne Abbas

  1. Miscellaneous correspondence on Traders in Cerne.
  2. Tradesmen’s accounts

Washington Connection

  1. Various maps of Washington DC, purporting to show links with Cerne Abbas.
  2. Booklet: ‘Notleys in Early Maryland’

Welfare, Transport and Friendly Societies

  1. Friendly Societies and Charities
  2. Frank Thorne’s carrier service
  3. Will of Charles North
  4. Initiation Declaration of Independent   Order of Odd Fellows, Manchester Unity, Friendly Society 1892 to 1913
  5. Friendly Society Minutes 1913/20

Cerne Union Workhouse

  1. File of miscellaneous correspondence and extracts from Union Minute Books.  Includes oral memories of Union House on tape (Ida Fox)
  2. Plans of Union House
  3. Plans for 1990 conversion
  4. Various associated material, including keys

Town Trail

  1. Correspondence and copies of Trails

CHS Minutes

  1. Minutes Book Jan1988 to May 1996
  2. Minutes Book May 96 to April 2009
  3. CHS Programmes

Miss Granville Diary & Revd Ray Diaries

  1. Correspondence with Mrs Brassington
  2. Copy of Granville diary 1908 to 1910
  3. Copies of Revd Ray diaries 1938/9, 1940, 1941/2/4, 1949.

World Wars I & II

  1. WW I
  2. WW II, including Home Front
  3. Researches on dead of WW I for Roll
  4. Researches on dead of WW II for Roll
  5. British Legion
  6. Home Guard Diary
  7. Recollections of James Robinson
  8. Recollections of Claire Baker
  9. Copy of programme for unveiling of War Memorial 1st July 1921

Records of Discussion Club

  1. Vol 1 8 June 1943 to 23 Dec 1947
  2. Vol 2 Jan 1948 to Dec 1943
  3. Vol 3 Jan 1954 to April 1959
  4. Vol 4 Sep 1959 to April 1965
  5. Vol 5 Sep 1965 to Aug 1972
  6. Vol 6 Sep 1972 to Mar 1979
  7. Vol 7 Apr 1979 to Dec 1984
  8. Vol 8 Dec 1984 to Mar 1997

1617 Survey

Extract from 1617 Survey of Cerne Abbas, held in UK Public Records Office

Up Cerne Church

Correspondence concerning Up Cerne Church, being declared Redundant and its subsequent use

Minterne House and the Digby Family

  1. Histories of Minterne House and grounds.
  2. History of Digby family.
  3. Index of archives at Minterne House

Proposed Bath to Weymouth Union Railway

  1. Research into proposed Bath to Weymouth Union Railway, via Cerne Abbas, 1836
  2. Two copies of map of proposed railway through Cerne Abbas

2000  Hedge Survey

  1. Research Material from Hedge Survey in year 2000.
  2. Copy of article for Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society

House Histories

  1. Individual histories of various houses and buildings.

Mills of Cerne Abbas

  1. Papers on ‘Mills of Cerne Abbas Parish’, including Tucking Mill

Cerne Valley Trail Project and Tree Survey

  1. Project book on DCC proposals for Cerne Valley Trail Project
  2. Draft Cerne River Valley Route History
  3. Trail Route Sections and Descriptions

Cerne Abbas Family History Enquiries

  1. Index of papers of Clark family, owners of Market House from mid-C18th to 1900.
  2. Family History for E. Fox in folio drawer
  3. Cornick Family Photographs (55)
  4. Hodges Family History

Clark Family of Cerne Abbas

  1. Diary of Joseph Benwell Clark
  2. Clark family memorabilia
  3. A Clark Clock c1830 Photo

Geophysics Surveys of Cerne Abbas

  1. Abbey Gatehouse, Burial Ground, 29 Long Street and Squibb’s Garden
  2. Bournemouth Survey of Beevor (Beaver) field

Memories of Claire Baker

  1. Memories of Cerne Abbas 1984 to the 21st Century by Claire Baker


  • Copies of some Abbot’s Porch and church display boards
  • Maps of Cerne Abbas and surrounding area
  • ‘Census’ of houses conducted by Mrs Chorlton’s mother in mid 1990s.
  • Church Restoration – Box of material and photographs relating to 1960s restoration of St Mary’s Church
  • Tea towel dating from fund raising for re-ordering of St Mary’s Church 1960
  • Exhibition 1992 – Material concerning the Abbey
  • Two Tokens dating from about 1660 bearing names of John Randoll of Cerne Abbis (sic) and Robert Randoll of Brwton (sic) on Frome.  Also letters of explanation and photographs.
  • WI – Mainly scrap book of Daisy Elliot (1898 to 1992), who set up WI in Cerne Abbas in 1918.  Plus some other material.
  • Tablecloth from the WI
  • WI scrapbook from Ines Lady Elkins
  • Tablecloth from 1987 with names embroidered on it by villagers at that time
  • CA Burial Ground Survey 1994 – Two folders with material concerning the Survey of the Burial Ground by John Turner and others
  • Map of WW2 sites in Cerne
  • Miscellaneous war ephemera, eg wounds dressings.
  • Research into proposed Bath to Weymouth Union Railway, via Cerne Abbas, 1836
  • 2 copies of map of proposed railway through Cerne Abbas
  • Envelope marked ‘Aelfric in Cerne’. Contains ‘Aelfric’s First Series of Catholic Homilies’ (in original old English -no translation!), with some post cards showing Ethelwod’s Blessing Book. Also some other misc. associated material.
  • Cerne Abbey Charter
  • Various maps of Washington DC, purporting to show links with Cerne Abbas.
  • 1919 Sales brochures (4) and Maps
  • Cerne Workhouse – various associated material, including keys
  • Key to cell door in Old Police Station, Cerne Abbas
  • House Histories – Individual histories of various houses and buildings
  • AGM 2009 – Envelopes with display material from various house and buildings of Cerne Abbas.  Each marked.  Also, sketches of buildings
  • Barton Farm – a History