Living Histories

Welcome to the Cerne Abbas Historical Society’s exciting Living Histories project.

Archives currently include transcriptions of interviews, video and recordings and access to these will be enabled shortly. 

This exciting project will enable one to view the Society’s videos and listen to the recollections of longer term village residents as they recount their treasured memories of life in Cerne. This is a joint project in conjunction with the Dorset Family History Centre.  If you wish to become involved at any stage use the Contact Us page.

Dave Fox  Local retired builder, wit and raconteur. Born in the village to a large local family, Dave recalls some of his life experiences.

Dave Fox  Video 2

 Mike Collins carpenter, allotmenteer and family man.

 Tommy Dunn village butcher, Cerne property developer and collector of village memorabilia.

Freddie Nurse at 102 years of age, talks to John Paterson about her life, career and her happy memories.  The interview may be found here.

Mione Fox, a lifelong Cerne resident, talks to Jonathan Still about her life  in the village in this, a taster of the film soon to be seen at the Historical Society.

Lord Digby talks here to local resident Kate Adie about the Minterne House and the history of the Digby family which can be traced back in an unbroken line to 111 BC.  He speaks of some of the famous family connections and colourful and influential figures who made their mark upon history.

Betty Marsh who was born in the village and educated at Minterne and Cerne schools recounts her early years and fascinating experiences. Her story can be found here.

Frank Hamblin recalls all the secrets of the development of his career in the Post Office. NEW

Hugh Mumford was vicar in the Parish from 1969 to 1989 and is fondly remembered.  Here, he talks to Jonathan Still, the present incumbent, about what drew him to Cerne, his time in the village and the changes he saw.

Name Recording Film/Video Transcript Quotes I/V Synopsis
  Dave Fox a Tick a Tick
  Freddie Nurse a Tick a Tick a Tick
 Mike Collins a Tick a Tick a Tick
 Lord Digby a Tick a Tick
  Tommy Dunn a Tick a Tick
  Joy England a Tick a Tick
  Frank Hamblin a Tick a Tick a Tick
  Margaret Mann a Tick a Tick
  Alf Mansell a Tick
  Sue Mansell a Tick
  Betty Marsh a Tick a Tick a Tick a Tick
  Hugh Mumford a Tick a Tick
  Hermione Fox a Tick
  Mrs Elliot a Tick
  Claire Baker a Tick
  Margaret Bown a Tick