The Constitution of the Cerne Historical Society

The CHS Constitution  24th January 2019


Purpose and Objectives

  • To promote knowledge of and research into the history of Cerne Abbas and its environs, as well as exploring wider aspects of the history of the county of Dorset.
  • To maintain and augment the archive collection curated by the Society and to store it in a safe and accessible location.
  • To organise an annual programme of lectures, visits and other events on subjects of local historical interest.



  • Membership is open to anyone interested in the work and objectives of the Society on payment of the current annual subscription. Members will receive regular updates on the Society’s work, an annual list of lectures and notice of the Society’s Annual General Meeting and other activities relevant to the Society’s work.
  • The Society has adopted a statement on General Data Protection Regulations.



  • The Society is run by an elected Committee consisting of a Chairperson, a Secretary and a Treasurer and five or more other members who each contribute to different aspects of the Society’s work. The Annual General Meeting takes place early each year to elect or re-elect Committee members. Nominations must be proposed and seconded by Society members and voted on at this AGM. Additional Committee members can also be co-opted by the existing Committee between AGMs.
  • If an extra General Meeting is necessary at any time, this can be convened by the Committee after due notice to members of the Society.
  • The Committee shall meet at intervals throughout the year to discuss programmes, plan future activities and review other aspects of the Society’s work. Decisions requiring a vote such as co-opting additional Committee Members will need a quorum of five to be valid.
  • Past Committee members who are still contributing to the Society’s work may hold ex-officio status.


Income and Finance

  • The income and property of the Society shall be used solely for the purposes and objectives of the Society as described above in section 1.
  • The Treasurer will present an audited account of the Society’s accounts at the AGM and will provide an updated financial report at each Committee meeting.
  • Should the dissolution of the Society be deemed necessary, a general meeting of its membership will be convened and its assets be disposed of in accordance with the agreed aims and objectives of the Society.


Amendments to the Constitution

  • Any constitutional amendments should be proposed in writing to all members of the Society and voted on at the next AGM with the approval of two-thirds of the members present.

The Original Constitution of 1987 may be seen here