Searching Cerne Historical Society’s 507 Photographs

Album A1  Abbey, Church, Chapels

Album B  Trades & Pubs

Album C1  Cerne Abbas Village Streets: Abbey St, Long St, The Folly, Back Lane

Album C2  Cerne Abbas Village Streets – Acreman St, Duck St, Mill Lane

Album C3  Minterne Magna, Up Cerne, Nether Cerne, Godmanstone, Sydling St. Nicholas

Album D  Cerne Abbas: Village Perspectives & People

Album E  Cerne Abbas: Village Events

Album F  Aerial views

Album G  Schools and Education


If you happen to know the accession number of a photograph, you may use this in the search box but be sure to put a hyphen correctly placed after the Album letter, for example    C1-23 means Album C1, photograph 23


You will see a selection of just a few of our 507 photographs below, to whet the appetite!

The Society has, to date, collected 507 photographs showing moments in the life of the village and its people. The earliest photographs date from the late 19th Century, when Cerne Abbas was still showing the debilitating effects of the local economic depression.

The photographs continue into the 21st Century, and show the improving fortunes of the village following its Sale at auction in 1919. Many local events and people are recorded, from school class photographs to Coronation celebrations.

This will continue to search for unseen photographs and add to the collection, to maintain an enduring history of Cerne Abbas.  If you have a photograph which has not been scanned and curated by us please use the Contact Us form to get in touch.