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26 January 2023 at 7:30pm Village Hall




Thursday 24th November


Village Hall at 7.30 pm on Thursday 24th November

Rob Curtis is a retired RAF officer and Blue Badge Tourist Guide.


Turnpikes and Dorset Coaching Days.


This will be a wide-ranging talk following the development of cross-country thoroughfares from tracks to turnpikes. We shall hear how the turnpikes were planned, operated and finally became redundant. We shall also learn about the development of the coaches which used the turnpikes, what it was like to be a passenger on cross-country services, about the horses which pulled the coaches and the coaching inns which supported the whole business of passenger conveyance.


The talk originally planned for the 24th November, The English Civil War in Dorset by Richard Warren, a former master at Sherborne School, will now be given on the 28th September 2023. This Richard Warren is not to be confused with Cerne’s own Richard Warren.


Summer Visit

The Society’s annual outing on Tuesday 12th July will be to Forde Abbey, near Chard. All members and their spouses and partners are welcome. If you haven’t already received details please send an email to [email protected] and they will be sent to you.


Visit Forde Abbey online



Party & Talk

The next meeting of the Society will take place in the Village Hall at 6.30pm on Thursday the 23rd June. The talk on The History of Cricket in Cerne by Den Denness will be preceded by a reception/party which is being held in place of the one which, but for Covid, would have been held after the AGM in January. All paid up members and those who would like to join the Society are warmly invited.




28th April 2022 Cerne Abbas Village Hall 7:30pm

£5 for non-members so why not join for £10 and benefit from free talks?


Dr Frances Eustace is a professional musician and a published academic.  Her career in Early Music (Renaissance, Baroque and Classical) playing bassoon and viola da gamba led her further back into earlier music and culture following her move to Henstridge in 2004. This interest resulted in an MA at Bristol followed by a PhD and an inevitable purchase of medieval bagpipes, pipe and tabor, and other instruments.

Dr Frances Eustace will play some of the instruments and talk about them and their cultural significance.




Dr. Ian Denness’s full transcript of the fascinating account of life as a newly appointed school teacher in Cerne School and of Catherine Granvilles Diary  1908-10, may be read here.



24 March 2022 7:30pm

Cerne Abbas Village Hall

Councillor and Ex-Mayor of the town, David has a passionate interest in Dorchester’s colourful past and in particular its many tunnels and interconnected cellars.  He has traced first-hand and revealed tunnels used by wine merchants, judges and prisoners and in addition has discovered evidence of subversive activities and intrigue.

He brings images and stories to tell.



Listen to the theories. 

Look at the evidence. 

Bring your questions!



AGM via Zoom

Follow the link in your Members email

Letter from the CHAIR  – October 2021



In view of the increasing number of Covid cases in Cerne and the fact that the rate here is apparently now higher than the national average, the CHS Committee has regretfully decided not to hold the meeting and talk next Thursday, the 28th October, live at the Village Hall. Instead it will take place via ZOOM.  The Committee particularly regret this decision in view of all the wonderful work the team at the Hall have carried out encouraging people to return there and making it as safe as possible. However because of the increased risk of catching Covid at such a meeting at the moment and the fact that we are able to hold it on Zoom, we think the sensible course is not to use the Hall on this occasion. We very much hope we will be able to return to the Village Hall for the meeting and talk on the 25th November.


A Zoom link by which members can attend the meeting online will be circulated at the beginning of week.  You will be able to join the meeting at 7.20 pm and it will begin at 7.30.

New MAGAZINE just released!






Over the last 12 months quite a few members have asked me whether it
would be possible to obtain a printed copy of the magazine in addition
to the online version we publish. They have told me they would like to
have a paper copy both to read and to keep.  Whilst we have been able to
make a printed version available to a small number who are not able to
read the magazine online, until now we have not had the ability to
produce good quality printed copies at a price which would make selling
them to members viable. However we have now found a printer who would be
able to produce printed copies of the magazine at a price of no more
than £5 each if there is a minimum order of 30.  Since it will be a full
colour magazine, well printed on good quality paper I believe that is a
very reasonable price; further the higher the number ordered the
cheaper the price would be.


Can you let me know as soon as possible, at the email address below,
if you would be interested in ordering a printed copy of the Autumn
issue of the magazine, which will be published on about the 10th
September, if it were available at a price of £5 or less, plus delivery
if you do not live in Cerne.  If we receive confirmed orders of 30 or
more by the end of August I will arrange for that number to be printed
and delivered.


Please also let me know if you would be interested in obtaining
printed copies of previous issues of the magazine and, if so, which
issues you would like. If we receive confirmed orders for 30 or more
specific past issues we will be able to get those printed as well.

Gordon Bishop                                                                                  

18th August 2021

You can get in touch with Gordon via the Contact Us form on this site.

Membership Renewal Reminder.

If you have already paid your
membership for 2020, it is also valid for the 2021 season. If not, it
needs to be renewed through our Treasurer, John Chalker.  John may be
contacted direct or via the Contact Us Form on this website.




Cancellation of Spring 2021 Meetings

Regrettably, we have had no alternative but to cancel the meetings
and talks which were to take place during the Spring of 2021.  We are
planning to replace them with Zoom talks, or arrange them for next year.


Online magazine

The next issue of our online magazine will be published in June.  It
will contain more fascinating articles about Cerne Abbas and the
surrounding area, so be sure not to miss it.

We are always looking for new topics for articles, and writers. So
please send us your ideas and any articles you have written which may be
suitable. Also are there any features you would like the magazine to
have which are missing at the moment and do you have any interesting
photos that you would like published?


Do keep safe and well

Gordon Bishop


You can get in touch with Gordon via the Contact Us form on this site.


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AGM & Party!

26th January 2023


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