CHS Research

Research Projects are a core activity of the Society and members are encouraged to participate.

Current Projects are listed below.  Others to consider are listed here.

Primary sources of evidence are indisputable, first-hand historical materials which provide an excellent basis for further reliable research and study.

Examples may be an eye witness testimony, diaries, letters, interviews and oral histories, photographs, government documents etc.

By contrast, Secondary sources of evidence are generally acknowledged to be accounts of events already interpreted by others.

Examples may be newspaper articles and general textbooks. Some writers even group maps in this category. This is why it is so important to correctly reference articles etc.

The Society strives to use Primary Sources of evidence whenever possible, when undertaking Research Projects.  Those research projects fully supported by appropriate Primary Sources are indicated thus:PS primary sources

CHS Research Projects which are ongoing are also listed, but those which are finished and are available to view, are indicated thus: a Tick