The Original Constitution of the Society

This is a transcript from the original 1992 typed document in the Society archives. A scan may be seen below the transcript.




1 The Society shall be called the Cerne Historical Society.
2Its objects shall be to promote knowledge of and care for Cerne Abbas and its region from early times to the present day and to maintain and add to the Collection of the 1987 Exhibition, the custodian of which shall be a member of the Committee.
3Membership shall be open to any person interested in these objects, upon payment of the current annual subscription determined by a general meeting of the Society.
4A general meeting of the Society shall be held annually, upon due notice to members, at which they shall by ballot elect a committee who shall be responsible for the day to day conduct of the Society’s affairs.
5This Committee shall include three officers – Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer –  and four other members.
6All Committee members shall be subject to election or re-election annually, upon due nomination and the Committee shall have power to co-opt additional Committee members for a specified purpose and duration of time; but no person shall hold office in the same capacity for more than three successive years.
7The Chairman or Secretary may at any time, upon due notice given, convene the Committee, of whom five members present shall be a quorum.
8The Committee may at any time, upon due notice given, convene a general meeting of the Society.
9The Treasurer shall present an audited statement of the Society’s accounts to the annual general meeting or to any other general meeting of the Society upon due notice given him or her.
10The income and property of the Society whencesoever derived shall be applied solely towards the objects of the society as stated in paragraph 2 above and no portion thereof shall be given or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend, gift or bonus, distribution of assets or otherwise to the members of the Society, except upon the dissolution of the Society, in which case a General Meeting of its membership shall dispose of such assets in accordance with paragraph 2 above.
11Any amendment of this Constitution shall require:
   a) the prior proposal in writing of the terms of such amendment to all members of the Society, and
   b) the approval of not less than two thirds of its members present and voting at the next general meeting.
 28th May 1992





Original Constitution Document from 1992